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Liberal Media Bias?

A common theme among those on the right is to whine about a “left-wing bias” that has swept the media, supposedly skewing the facts in favor of democrats, feminists, and vegetarians alike.  Never mind how creepily reminiscent this is of the recent Taliban assertion that the media coverage of their shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai is also “biased,” it also demonstrates a lack of critical thinking if you can simply dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as belonging to some vast conspiracy.  And certainly, the truth does skew to the left, especially now that we KNOW global warming is real, and because “legitimate rape” turns out to be, in fact, all rape.

So, now that we’ve established that the liberal media bias is, as Uncle Joe Biden says, “malarkey,” I would like to present an article that those haters of the media would probably say is incredibly fair and balanced.  Sensationally titled, the pedophile-looking Forbes contributor Peter Ferrara‘s article, “Obama’s Shocking Fallacies, America’s Not-So-Shocking Failures,” explores Mr. Ferrara’s thoughts on President Obama’s healthcare and tax plans, complete with allusions to death panels and de-legitimizing Obama’s presidency.  The article is 3 pages long, and filled with the angry, sarcastic, and fear-mongering language I’ve come to expect from the average right-wing crazy person.

And this is in a respectable mainstream publication no less!  It’s frightening to think how many people will read this, take it at face value, and allow it to direct their voting course.  I urge anyone reading anything politics-related (including this blog) to dig deeper and truly examine all sides.