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The Dear Leader


Do not be fooled by that adorable face.  This is Dr. Ezio von Pugglestein, the supreme, the ruthless, the once and future puggle dictator of Puglandia.  He ruled with an iron paw, and had little tolerance for those who oppose him.  Pugyang is the capital of Puglandia and literally it’s only city.  From here, Ezio cast his shadow across the land, committing unspeakable acts of terror upon those who would dare defy him.  After his long reign of 10 years (in dog time, just a few weeks in human time), the citizens of Pugyang fought back to overthrow the tyrant.  Dr. Ezio von Pugglestein is now an exile in his own land.

While he plots his return to power, cared for unwittingly by a couple of young and liberal human slaves, he researches the vast quagmire of American politics hoping to utilize this knowledge of to once again assume the mantle of Dear Puggle Leader, under the guise of democracy.  Unfortunately, he is not capable of using a computer and must enlist the help of his female human caregiver to find the information he seeks.

But seriously, this is a legit political blog.  I swear!