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Election 2012 Was Like a Rainbow of Progress

From QueertyI stayed up until 1am central time watching the returns last night, and it was worth it! I think I was not alone in my fears for this one; despite being hopeful, it did seem that there were an awful lot of crazy people popping up on my facebook feed. As the returns went further into the night, however, my optimism increased. Claire McCaskill took down Todd Akin, Mourdock was beat out by Donnelly, and we got a whole slew of states legalizing gay marriage and marijuana. Even in Florida, voters made the right decision to vote against distribution of taxpayer money to religious institutions! FLORIDA!

This made Obama’s eventual win all the sweeter as it demonstrated the shifting attitudes of the American people away from the hateful and regressive policies that had been presented by Republicans over the last couple years. Of course, reason and compassion did not win by a landslide.  In fact, President Obama barely eked out the winner in the popular vote. It does kind of dampen one’s optimism when you realize that nearly half of the country was willing to let an ordained Mormon Bishop with a credibility problem take up such a powerful position in American politics.  That’s a topic for another post, though!

In keeping with it’s Poe’s Law-like command of the political landscape, Fox News inevitably ran this little gem of an opinion piece blaming the “liberal media” for Obama’s win.  These assholes just can’t seem to let it go, and I’m sure we are all going to have to hear this repeated near-verbatim from their drone-like followers.  Luckily, it seems that many normal people are just glad the election is over and are willing to concede that even if their candidate didn’t win, it’s time for these partisan shenanigans to end.

That being said, we’ll see what happens in Washington; the House is still Republican-controlled.  Hopefully, though, they’ve learned their lesson and will finally start playing nice.


Liberal Media Bias?

A common theme among those on the right is to whine about a “left-wing bias” that has swept the media, supposedly skewing the facts in favor of democrats, feminists, and vegetarians alike.  Never mind how creepily reminiscent this is of the recent Taliban assertion that the media coverage of their shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai is also “biased,” it also demonstrates a lack of critical thinking if you can simply dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as belonging to some vast conspiracy.  And certainly, the truth does skew to the left, especially now that we KNOW global warming is real, and because “legitimate rape” turns out to be, in fact, all rape.

So, now that we’ve established that the liberal media bias is, as Uncle Joe Biden says, “malarkey,” I would like to present an article that those haters of the media would probably say is incredibly fair and balanced.  Sensationally titled, the pedophile-looking Forbes contributor Peter Ferrara‘s article, “Obama’s Shocking Fallacies, America’s Not-So-Shocking Failures,” explores Mr. Ferrara’s thoughts on President Obama’s healthcare and tax plans, complete with allusions to death panels and de-legitimizing Obama’s presidency.  The article is 3 pages long, and filled with the angry, sarcastic, and fear-mongering language I’ve come to expect from the average right-wing crazy person.

And this is in a respectable mainstream publication no less!  It’s frightening to think how many people will read this, take it at face value, and allow it to direct their voting course.  I urge anyone reading anything politics-related (including this blog) to dig deeper and truly examine all sides.